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Taking Charge
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Healthcare Reform

   Kerstin Uvas-Moberg;
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   nurse, Barbara
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Taking Charge of Your Health

Our Commitment

The Taking Charge of Your Health website is part of our commitment to support the integration of complementary and alternative medicine into health care settings. We are dedicated to the exploration and promotion of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Taking Charge of Your Health

Our Foundation is proud to partner with University of Minnesota, Center for Spirituality & Healing to bring you a NEW version of its award winning online learning program, Taking Charge of Your Health.

The website contributes to your health and well-being by providing clear information about complementary and alternative healing practices such as acupuncture, massage, holistic pregnancy and birth, and aromatherapy.  The site describes each healing practice in depth, the evidence for its efficacy, and where you can go to learn more. 

Healing Practices and Conditions
Healing Practices A – Z  contains a is a quick review of each healing practice and highlights what you need to know to make informed decisions.  The list below provides you with a direct link to the practice you want to research.  All of them have been written by experts in their field and contain resources for more information.

Dietary Therapies
Food As Medicine (New!)
Healing Environment
Healing Touch
Holistic Pregnancy & Childbirth
Intuition in Healthcare
Massage Therapy
Mind-Body Therapies
Mindful Movement

Social Support
Therapeutic Touch
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Tui na

Conditions A – Z  helps identify symptoms and explore potential options for improving your health and wellbeing. Examples of some conditions covered are: anxiety, headaches, back pain, cancer, and heart disease. 

Back Pain

Heart Disease


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The site also provides guidance for creating a healthy lifestyle, information on how to navigate the healthcare system, opportunities to learn from others through their healing stories, and up-to-date features on health and wellness. to your health and wellbeing by providing Healthcare Stories, the Health Planner to guide your creation of a healthy lifestyle, and in-depth interviews with up-to-date health and wellness information.  For more info click here.



Ways of Knowing

Ways of Knowing

Exploring Cultural-Based Healing Traditions and Practices

View unique videos presentations of active Hawaiian, Native American, African, and Hispanic healers. Also see two of the world's leading cultural-based healing researchers.

Cultural Based Healing Online Videos

An extraordinary gathering of healthcare, CAM, and traditional healing professionals and educators gathered for the 2nd annual Ways of Knowing™ Symposium to explore each other’s views on healing, health, and well-being.

Four cultural-based healers invited participants into their healing worlds—its philosophy, history, ceremonies, and application stories followed. 

Dane Silva

Presented by Hawaiian healer, Dane Silva, this is the most thorough, free explanation and experience of Hawaiian Kauna healing available on the web. Personal exercises for you to use are offered.
See Dane Silva's video

Elena Avila Filled with power and humor, Elena’s presentation is a heartfelt journey into curanderismo and shares a world-view model you can use from this ancient art.
See Elena Avila's video
Paul Schultz Paul Schultz, Ojibwe wisdom holder and healer, conversationally opened up our inner eyes to the world view of Native Americans through stories and examples of the healing process. 
See Paul Schultz's video
Charles Finch Dr. Charles Finch, M.S., retired Medical Director of Morehouse Medical School, traces the history of medicine back to Africa and shows how its impact is still active today.
See Dr. Charles Finch's video 

The 3-day event began with 2 excellent research presentations by Dr. Stanley Krippner, Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, and Dr. Marilyn Schlitz, President, The Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Stanley Krippner

Drawing upon his 35+ years of experience in the field, Dr. Stanley Krippner provides an overview and information about 2 research systems for evaluating cultural-based healing.
See Dr. Stanley Krippner's video 

Marilyn Schlitz An inspiring and highly informative speaker, Dr. Schlitz brings research alive and challenges healthcare to take an integral approach by recognizing the multiethnic, multicultural nature of today’s societies.
See Marilyn Schlitz's video

Click here to see the entire Proceedings


Mary Jo Kreitzer

Mary Jo Kreitzer
Director of the Center for Spirituality & Healing

Healthcare Reform

Kreitzer Testifies before U.S.Senate

The United States Senate is interested in healthcare reform and created hearings on "Principles of Integrative Health: A Path To Healthcare Reform". Mary Jo Kreitzer, Director of the Center for Spirituality & Healing at the University of Minnesota, was invited to testify from her unique perspective as an integrative healthcare educator, administrator, researcher, and leader. She proposed that we:

  • shift the national emphasis on disease to prevention
  • expand which healthcare providers are responsible for primary care
  • explore changes in the reimbursement system
  • create new priorities for healthcare.

To view or read Kreitzer's testimony click here: video link, download pdf


Wellness Initiative for the Nation (WIN)

In December 2008 the Samueli Institute, whose mission is to transform healthcare through the scientific exploration of healing, hosted over 100 healthcare experts to review and edit a draft document of the WIN proposal. The purpose of the Wellness Initiative for the Nation (WIN) is to proactively prevent disease and illness, promote health and productivity, and create well-being and flourishing for the people of America. Download WIN document here.

To achieve this, the WIN concept paper suggests ways people can create health, save on healthcare costs, and enhance their wellness through employing more self-care, lifestyle changes, and integrative healthcare practices. When implemented across the nation, WIN practices will help avert the looming fiscal crisis in healthcare. For more info about Samueli Institute:



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