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What is intuition?

A simple way of understanding intuition is to think of it as direct knowing; knowing without the use of reason or logic as we understand them. The Greek definition helps us know why some forms of intuitive experiences are associated with a light bulb above your head, insight, illumination, or enlightenment. Intelligence, in these instances, is delivering accelerated insight—insight that is not available through the five senses or the use of logic. From this perspective, intuition is a specific skill in consciousness used to access information, knowledge, and wisdom. Ideally, intuition is logic’s partner.

Intuition is a human experience. We are all born to intuit. There are no intuition quotients at birth with some people getting more and others less. Or, women have more and men have less (although in the Western world women are often given more permission to be intuitive than men.) Because of environment or for a variety of other reasons, some people develop this skill; others do not. Intuition is like a muscle; it needs exercise and use to reach its potential. Unexercised intuition lays flat and dormant while exercising your intuitive ‘muscle’ brings intuition into shape, sharpens your intuitive reflexes, adds ease to your activities, and eventually is automatically part of your intelligent response to life.

Intuition is an experience relevant to your work, health and well being, education, relationships, and spiritual evolution. Most people raised in a Westernized society received a lot of training with logic, but, unfortunately, have had little or no formal education with intuitive skills. Therefore, intuitive development requires the decision to self-educate by responding to curiosity, reading books, attending seminars, talking to others, and investing time in experimentation. This web site is designed to answer your questions and help you start the process.


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